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15 networking tips for the introverted

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The famous psychologist Carl Jung coined the terms extroversion and introversion which is the tendency for some people to become energised through social interaction while others find gratification from their own thoughts. Your personality is likely polarised towards one of these two extremes. If you tend to find comfort and energy in your own thoughts, you may find yourself on more of the introverted end of the spectrum.

As an introvert, how you are able to cope with social anxiety will greatly determine your success in networking events and subsequent social interactions. If you want to further your career or personal life it is imperative you enhance your communication skills.

As is likely the case with any forced social interaction, networking events can be a traumatic experience for introverts. Building up your interpersonal communication skills through attending these events will likely have positive results on your relationships both at work and outside of work. Implement these tips from GetVoIP to take charge when attending your next networking event.

Some of the tips featured are for before and after the event, which is an often overlooked and wasted opportunity. There are also insights from famous leaders that were able to hone their networking skills and become titans of business and politics.


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Career Camel15 networking tips for the introverted

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