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Got a creative degree? Here are four music careers to consider

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Music is a language the heart understands. Music is such an integral part of everyday life and it’s really easy to overlook its impact. Whether it’s through listening to music to keep calm during traffic or watching a movie with an intense film score, music makes life better. So, it’s no surprise that so many people long to fulfil a dream of working in music full-time. If you got a degree in music, check out these four music careers to consider.

Music teacher or professor

If you love being around the energy of young children and you have a passion for music, why not consider becoming a music teacher? Whether or not you went to a physical university or earned your Masters of music education online, your role as a teacher can give you the opportunity to inspire and mold the minds of the future generation. You’ll be able to have a direct impact on their musical journeys. If you prefer the collegiate or graduate student range, you can become a music professor and encourage hundreds of young people to go out and bring music into the world.


If you love writing lyrics and creating original melodies, it’s totally possible to build a successful career as a songwriter. If you don’t want to sing your own music, you don’t have to. What you’ll need to do is copyright the songs. Begin shopping the songs to some of the popular artists who fit your style of music. If an artist likes it and decides to use it on their next album, you’ll get paid a percentage anytime the song plays. This is called a royalty fee. Join a publishing house like ASCAP or BMI, which protect you and make sure you receive your royalty fees.

Full-time musician

Whether your instrument is your voice or the bass guitar, there are plenty of ways to get paid as a full-time musician. Tons of churches need singers and musicians to help out with worship services on a weekly basis. Other musicians work on traveling cruises. Some work in the night club circuits. Others work in a union and are especially busy during the holidays.

Musical director

If you’ve ever visited the theater for a musical, the music is usually amazing. Well, the music director is the main one to thank for that. Musical directors manage all things pertaining to the musicality of a show. Hiring musicians, dealing with orchestrations and coordinating practices are all major jobs that the musical director does. If you work well with people and have a great ear for what’s needed in a musical performance, becoming a musical director might be the perfect job for you.

All of these jobs are truly driven by a love for the field of music. If you’re passionate and motivated enough, you can easily thrive in one of these careers.

Do you know of any other music careers to consider? Tell us in the comments below.

Hannah WhittenlyGot a creative degree? Here are four music careers to consider

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