The Career Advice and Further Education Desert Trail

Want to know how to ace an interview? Choose a university? Or pick a career? Hop on the camel and begin our Desert Trail. Each trail will guide you on a clear journey from where you are now all the way through to finding employment, giving you all the careers information, help and advice you will need along the way.

This section is packed full of tools & advice from industry experts and many of the best careers resources on the internet, chosen by you and your careers advisers. On the way you’ll discover everything you need to know to help you make decisions about education and employment, impress employers in interviews, make video CVs, find the best places to search for jobs and much more. By working through the Career Camel resources section you can be sure that you are preparing yourself for your future in the best possible way.

If you don’t fancy going through the journey, then pick the areas you are interested in using the menu above – however we promise it is worth the small amount of time to go on the journey – how often do you get to go on a camel trek through the desert anyway! The Career Camel trail was designed to hand pick the best career advice services on-line and host them in one place. This means you will never have to go searching around different sites to find the best resources you need to succeed! Instead just wander through the desert.

Gaining a strong understanding of careers now will give you the best shot at success in the future, and Career Camel is here to help you!

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