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Careers that didn’t exist 20 years ago and why you should consider them

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While some careers have been around for quite some time and are here to stay, like medical professions or teaching jobs, others are just beginning to take off. The improvement of technology has opened up many job opportunities that simply weren’t needed yesterday. Here are five careers that didn’t exist too long ago and why they have grown.

1. App designer

Since iTunes launched its App Store in 2008, nearly 1,000,000 apps have been approved by Apple and it has paid nearly $7 billion in royalties to developers from Seattle to Bangalore. As demand surges for apps to run on Android and iOS devices, companies are increasingly looking for highly skilled coders to develop them.

2. 3D animator

Animation has taken a colossal leap forward since The Lion King in films such as Ice Age and Cars. 3D animators produce most of their work from computers with the newest animation software, and advances in “Mocap” have increasingly taken them away from their desks and into more hands-on environments. There’s a huge demand for 3D animators in the film, gaming, advertisement and television industries.

3. Bloggers or freelance bloggers

Work from home jobs have surged in the last 20 years, and of the steadiest, but most sought after comes blogging. Anyone can start their own blog from home, or write content for others’ blogs. With almost everyone on the internet today, freelance bloggers create an engaged audience for nearly any niche. Average salaries, however, can range.

4. Green funeral directors

Green funeral directors not only assist grieving families, they assist them while promoting a healthy, sustainable environment. It seems odd that funeral parlors are leading the country when it comes to the environment, but this a surging industry that needs environmentally minded directors. Salaries are in the six-figure range.

5. Search engine optimisation (SEO) expert

An SEO expert can draw thousands of clicks to websites, while the wrong search terms can absolutely bury a site in the search engine results. Their job is to discover the terms, keywords and phrases that optimize web traffic, and to find ways to make websites more search-engine friendly. A SEO Expert also works to improve page rankings. Pages with the highest rankings appear toward the top of a search engine.

Never before have so many employment opportunities become available with the kind of freedoms that come with these jobs. Many roles are filled by freelancers and independent contractors, making now a great time to think about switching gears and creating your own career. The salaries given in this article have no real ceiling.

When it comes to potential earnings, the sky is the limit. That didn’t exist 20 years ago either.

Do you know of any other ideas for brand new careers that didn’t exist 20 years ago? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Johan Viirok / Flickr

Anita GinsburgCareers that didn’t exist 20 years ago and why you should consider them

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    Awesome post…you have mentioned the blooming Careers of this days..this career can help you get engaged in any of the private or goivernment sector jobs…

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