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Climbing the career ladder: how to do it quickly

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You spend a lot of your years in education daydreaming about breaking free and earning your own money. It’s something that almost everyone thinks about and when you get handed that college degree, you finally feel like you are accountable for your own life. You no longer need to necessarily rely on your parents to fund your lifestyle, because you can finally do it yourself without the need for handouts. The thing is, finding your feet in the world of employment isn’t always easy and neither is starting an entry level job.

Finding a job is difficult enough and in the current market, it’s a privilege to be working. Most graduates are expected to start from the bottom in a company – and rightly so, it’s the only way you can learn the business you are working for. However, when you are in an entry level position you can feel like you are plodding along in your new career instead of soaring to new heights. Rather than move from job to job, you can look at the ways you can climb the next rung of the career ladder and feel like you are succeeding instead of staying stagnant. We’ve put together some of the ways you can climb the ladder and feel secure in your employment all at the same time.

  • Understand You. Look at your current employability skills. Would it really be worth moving to a new company to start from the beginning all over again? As a new graduate, you likely have a good knowledge of your industry and role, but none of the practical skills on the job. You can expand your employability by adding extra night courses or an online Spark big data course. Furthering your own skills can only serve you well in the workplace and give you the edge to climb to the next step. The first step should always be to improve your existing skills.
  • Explore Opportunities. When you took your current job, what did you want to get out of it? It’s very important to realise that things don’t happen at the click of your fingers. Just because you have a degree and extra skills doesn’t entitle you to fly to the top of the food chain. Knowledge is no substitute for experience and you should work on getting that experience first. Explore other careers, absolutely, but don’t make haste decisions.
  • Plan Ahead. One of the crucial things you can do to better your career is to communicate with your employer! Sit and map out a long-term plan to help you get to the top of your game in that company. It is so much easier to be patient about your journey and career if you know where you are going. Your goals should be SMART and good for the company you are working for, too. They hired you for a reason, so working on that will get you where you need to go as quickly as possible.

Have you shot up the career ladder and have some advice you’d like to share? Let us know below.

Career CamelClimbing the career ladder: how to do it quickly

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