Accounting – A Brief Introduction – in 60 Minutes


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Do you want to learn the basics of accounting incredibly quickly? Like in an hour. Do you want a professor that works the problems with you? Rather than just talks at you.Do you want an interactive and fun course? This course is for you!Ive taught thousands of students over the past 8 years and sent students to compete with the best of the best at Big 4 Accounting Firms. With this class you will learn the basics of accounting and you can complete it in only one hour! You will work with me on the handouts like you are sitting in the classroom. This is a proven technique that Ive used over the past 8 years. You will learn:The Accounting EquationWhat T-Accounts areHow T-Accounts and Journal Entries are relatedHow to create a simple Balance SheetHow to create a simple Income StatementDebits and CreditsHow Cash is KingYou will learn accounting in 60 minutes. This is a brief introduction to accounting.No prerequisite knowledge is required! I’ve taught this course hundreds of times to thousands of students. I know what you need to know and I’m incredibly confident you’ll enjoy this course!


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