The Complete 2020 PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp


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Join 14,000+ students in the Complete Web development Bootcamp. This is what you get in this course:12 Courses into 1 Course. (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP, PHP, MYSQL, PHP OOP, WORDPRESS, XML, API, JSON and REST.)48+ hours of Training.6 Web Development Books.Online Premium Access to Documentation.80+ PHP Live Projects Source Code.Shopping Cart Project Source Code.WordPress Site Project with Themes.Interview Questions (1000+).30 days Money Back Guarantee (0% Risk).100% FREE for Lifetime Access.————————————————————————————————————————————–Do you want to be a Certified Web Developer?orAre you are a student and want to get a Job as Web Developer?orDo you want be Freelancer to earn an extra part time income?orYou want to improve your Web Development Skills at Work?If these are your goals then this course is exactly made for you to Become PHP Full Stack Web Developer!48+ hours of course content with Exercises, Quiz, Assignments and Projects.If you give your valuable time to this course and I will promise to help you achieve your goal.RIGHT AFTER THIS COURSE, YOU WILL BE:Able to Build websites.Get a job as a junior web developer.Start your own online business with WordPress.Become Freelancer Web developer on Fiverr or UpWork.Be proficient with databases and server-side languages with PHP and MySQL.Become a front-end and Back-end developer – Complete Full Stack Developer.In less than 30 days, you’ll be ready for an entry-level job as a Full Stack Web Developer.This course will give you the following Skills:Front End Web Development:HTML.CSS.JAVASCRIPT.BOOTSTRAP.Back End Web Development:PHP.MYSQL.WORDPRESS.PHP OOP.BASICS:WEB BASICS.INTRODUCTION TO XML.COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING OF JSON.INTRODUCTION TO REST AND API.SOFT SKILLS:INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.PHP RESUME.STUDENT MENTORSHIP.PROJECTS:PHPKart – Complete Shopping Cart Website using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and – Blogging Website with WordPress. (Buy Domain, Web Hosting, Installing Themes and etc…)CERTIFICATION PROVIDED:Get your PHP Full Stack Developer Certification.VALUABLE RESOURCES:You will become PHP Full Stack Web Developer: 48+ hours of course. – Worth $199You will be Certified PHP Full Stack Web Developer – Worth $399Complete Source Code and Projects: PHPKart & – Worth $299Student Mentorship via Private Facebook Group. – Worth $219PHP Projects Downloads. – Worth $129Resume and Interview Questions. – Worth $79Lifetime Documentation Site Access – Worth $29.9030 Days Money Back Policy.Total Worth: $1353FEEDBACK FROM STUDENTS:-> Amazing, above expectations! – Adeel Nazim-> I think , someone who wants to learn php , should start with this course.Great content , so much valuable info in this course , thank you!! – Andreas-> good course with lot of examples. this is the best course in PHP – Murali Krishna Nistala-> This course is very good introduction to PHP. Many examples and every lection has a test and a quiz. – Milan varc-> Very easy to understand, lots of examples. Repeats important points in different ways making difficult concepts easier to grasp. – Laura Long-> A well organized course, explained each and every concept in very easy way, now feeling confident while using PHP oop.- Wasim Tamboli-> This course is a easy to learn. and your teaching way is awesome. – Bharat Kumar-> He is explaining the concepts crystal clear . Very thankfull to the teacher – Ponmurali Jeyaprakasam-> Very easy to understand and the best part is there are too many assignments for working which makes u perfect – Gokul SinghDo not miss the Premium Contents with this course:48+ hours of Full Stack Web Development Course.One Course Covers – 12 Courses: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP, PHP, MYSQL, PHP OOP, WORDPRESS, XML, API, JSON and REST.6 Web Development Books for FREE. (1200+ pages long) – Selling for $20 on AmazonLifetime FREE Access to Premium Bootcamp Documentation Website. – Sold monthly membershipPHPKart and LearnWP Website Source Code. – Sold my source code for each $299Interview Questions (1000+ questions) – Selling for $20 on Amazon30 days Money Back Guarantee (0% Risk)100% FREE for Lifetime Access.IF YOU ARE REALLY SERIOUS TO LEARN WEB DEVELOPMENT AND LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT COURSE…THEN THIS IS THE BEST COURSE THAT CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL..BELIEVE ME, YOU ARE JUST ONE COURSE AWAY FROM BECOMING BRILLIANT WEB DEVELOPER….


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