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Four essential things to do in your gap year

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If you are considering taking a gap year, either before or after uni, check out our top four recommendations for things to do. You’ll have fun, grow as a person and have some fantastic things to put on your C.V.


A great way to use your gap year time is to volunteer. There are a range of activities that you can volunteer to do such as building schools in Africa or helping at an animal sanctuary in Thailand. These activities will also include staying in a local village and seeing some of the native wildlife. Volunteering is an excellent way to gain life experience, meet new people and make a contribution to the world. If you’re interested in this option, try going to a company like STA travel.  They can organise your trip, accommodation and work with volunteer organisations throughout the world.

Ski Season

Another favourite gap year activity is doing a ski season. This is when you go to a ski resort and work in one of a variety of potential jobs. You will get some time to yourself, depending on the job you do in either the morning, afternoon or evening and there is a great social scene here. In fact, it is a good idea to pace yourself, because with all the partying and snowboarding you can get worn out very quickly.  You can work in a chalet which means the cooking and cleaning for the paying guests. Another option, if you are good at skiing is to be a ski instructor. Depending on the location of your gap year, you may need some specific training to be a ski instructor. If Canada is your destination of choice, try one of these Whistler ski courses.

Travel across the USA

Another great activity to do in your gap year is to travel across the USA this can be done cheaply by using trains and Greyhound buses. There are lots of important landmarks for you to see on your way across America. Stop off at the main cities like New York and Chicago and attractions like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. If you are a female travelling alone, check out my information here on how to stay safe. If you’re planning to work during your gap year in the USA, make sure you have the correct documentation and visas.


Another popular choice for gap year students is to teach English as a Foreign Language or TEFL. You can complete courses face-to-face or online before you go, and then you will have a recognised teaching qualification. You can then use this to secure a place anywhere in the world that they need this service. Many people go to China, Europe or even Africa. You can choose short-term posts or a longer term one, and it’s a great way of seeing the world while earning money and experience. Lots of TEFL gap year students often go on to consider teaching as a full-time career, when they return home too.

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Gap years are full of possibility and with so many options available to you, let us know in the comments below what you did or plan to do on yours.

Career CamelFour essential things to do in your gap year

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