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How to stay motivated while working from home

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Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a little further into your career, the chances are high that you’ve worked from home at one point or another. Getting to work from home often seems like the ultimate perk. What’s better than working in your pyjamas and avoiding a rush hour commute? Working from home has a lot of great benefits and can help to decrease stress and increase happiness. When you work from home on occasion, the benefits seem glaringly obvious. However, when working in your pyjamas becomes your constant routine it can sometimes be difficult to achieve maximum productivity while working in the same space in which you also relax. Additionally, without workmates or a manager to help you stay motivated while working from home, it can be tough to stay on track.

Managing yourself is definitely an art form. Self-management is no easy feat, but it is an important skill to master no matter what stage of your career you are in. The earlier that you can learn to successfully motivate yourself, the more effective you will be throughout the course of your career. Being mindful of the distractions you might face when working at home can go a long way in helping you avoid unnecessary interruptions. Understanding that you might be tempted to turn on the TV or complete household chores during working hours will help you set simple ground rules to keep yourself on track.

Additionally, following no-fail tips for success will also help you better self-manage, no matter what you are working on. Setting boundaries with your housemates, friends, and family is an important step to take to increase productivity. In addition, dressing for success can play a big role in your productivity when working from home. Science shows that the clothes you wear send a message to your brain about how you feel about yourself and can even affect how you work.

Understanding both the benefits of working from home and the potential roadblocks you might encounter will help you be more prepared to successfully self-management. Fundera created this guide on self-management tips when working from home. Read on for no-fail tips to maximise your productivity and happiness when working by yourself.


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Career CamelHow to stay motivated while working from home

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