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Laid off? What outplacement services can do for you

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It isn’t easy to receive the news that you will be laid off, especially if you worked in an organisation for a significant part of your life. You’re expected to leave behind a team that’s possibly like a second family to you, and you will have to give up on what you’ve been doing for years. If the job had decent pay, a lay off can create unnecessary financial insecurity.

Even so, don’t stress yourself thinking about it too hard. It could be in your career transition you find a better job in addition to new experience in life. Also outplacement companies can help you find a job more quickly than going job-hunting by yourself.

So how can a service like this assist you?

What are Outplacement Services?

An outplacement service is a service paid by your company. There are many benefits for organisations to use this type of support including maintaining brand reputation. Its primary purpose is to help people who have been recently laid off. Because the service communicates closely with your firm, it will already receive the necessary information about any laid off personnel. Thus any career transition help provided can be tailored to any employee.

What Can an Outplacement Service Do For Me?

Not every company pays for an outplacement service but when they do it’s an excellent idea to take advantage of this sort of service, especially if it’s offered by your company.

First of all, it will provide advising and counselling. It’s a crucial step for the service to know your strengths, your past jobs and what you are looking for. You will also be trained in job searching. This will happen because many laid-off employees have little to no knowledge about searching for the right job.

At the same time, some laid off workers have trouble writing an appropriate resume, cover letter and interview preparation. All this and much more can be learned thanks to an outplacement service.

You can either utilise a one-to-one coach to teach you all these or learn from interactive online programs or over the phone, so you won’t have to travel.

Do I Need to Use an Outplacement Service?

It depends on your situation. If you’ve already lined up a new job straight after a lay off maybe via your network then outplacement services may not be what you need at that point in time. However, even then its best not to completely shun what’s on offer. The skills you can learn via such a service can set you up in the unfortunate yet not totally impossible event that you’d laid off in your next job.

But, if you don’t know where to go on from here, don’t know how to build a resume or what to do at an interview, then an outplacement service can help a lot. Some services can even check all the available jobs that could suit you, a form of job curation, so that you can apply for as many as possible with the highest chance of getting hired.


Outplacement services are the best thing that a company can offer you if you are laid off. You will probably find new ways to tackle an interview, focus more on your career and be able to create a strong resume. In other words, it will be much easier for you to find a new job.

Have you heard about outplacement before? Do you think your employer would do that for you? Let us know below

Career CamelLaid off? What outplacement services can do for you

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