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Tips for choosing a job which fits your life purpose

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Have you ever heard people grumbling that their job doesn’t provide them with the thrill that they anticipated when they passed the application interview? There are undoubtedly numerous individuals with such negative feelings about what they do to earn a living. The primary reason behind this is that many of them never took enough time to establish what they really enjoy in life. A career should also match what is the individual’s life purpose. Otherwise, working will feel like a punishment. A recruitment agency may even come in handy in choosing the right career. The following are some of the critical tips to ensure that one finds a balance between the career of choice and one which fits your life purpose.

Realise your dream

Everyone has always had a dream that at some point, becomes blurred as life realities kick in. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Although some of the dreams that we have, such as being pilots or astronauts, are somehow misplaced, some of them are still attainable. The most significant step for everyone is identifying the particular dream that is still viable. Once realised, the individual’s career path should be directed towards achieving this dream. The logic is that many people tend to be happier when working in their dream careers than in other areas where they have a minimal interest. Therefore, everyone should strive to identify the particular dream that they have before selecting the job to undertake in the future.

Consider your education qualifications

You may have interests in the energy sector, yet your educational expertise is in another field. In such a case, carving a career in the energy field is an almost impossible task as it is a sector that requires individuals to have the right skills. The way out in such a case is to ensure that you begin the journey of determining your career part early enough. This will ensure that you enrol in the right course that is in line with your job interests.

Follow your self

The greatest sorrow that you can have is having to blame yourself always for having undertaken the wrong career choice when you had an idea of what you want from the first day. For instance, if your mind keeps directing you to work in agriculture, try to undertake a career in that field. Any deviation from what your inner self guides you to do may end up brewing regrets and frustrations. The two are the worst that any individual would want when working in a particular career field. Therefore, it is imperative that one listens to what thrills him/her most and follow a career in that direction.

Do you think your job fits your life purpose? What is it? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisTips for choosing a job which fits your life purpose

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