Tips for choosing your role in the medical professions

Medicine is a hugely important field – and one that requires the hard work and dedication of thousands of health practitioners and medical professionals across the UK. The healthcare system supports millions of ill, injured or diseased individuals every year, helping to maintain one of the healthiest societies in the world. If this is a sector that you’re interested in getting involved in, you’ll find a list of roles in this article to help you select the best position to match your character.


Naturally, we’ll start with doctors. The supremes of the hospital, doctors make large sacrifices to care for their patients. They give up weekends, take unpaid overtime and can often lose holidays and evenings to their work. Doctors also invest heavily in education, which is often a near 10-year process, and so it requires forethought and consideration before taking the plunge.


Nurses still have to make the same sacrifices as doctors, but they require slightly less education in order to find themselves practicing independently in the hospital. Nurses are often considered the lifeblood of hospital life, helping keep everything running smoothly, and serving the emotional and social needs of patients as well as the medical ones. If you’re an individual who enjoys the care-giving side of medical assistance, consider taking online Nurse Practitioner programs in Kentucky to get yourself qualified.


If you’re someone who typically enjoys living on the fast-paced edge of things, then a career as a paramedic might be your calling. Heading out on emergency calls in an ambulance and rushing to the scene of an injury or ailment is as thrilling as it is crucial – you’re the first responder to those in need, and so your quick-thinking, fast-paced work will be highly-valued in helping during an emergency.


With qualifications similar to those of a doctor but a working life that’s really quite different, surgeons are required to undertake those dextrous, high-pressure surgeries that you’ll have bitten your nails over in the movies. It’s a very different kind of specialism to doctoring in general, and you’ll need to be sure of your coordination and cool under pressure if it’s the life of a surgeon that you’re most tempted by in the medical sector.


Finally, there are the people who really keep the hospital up and running. Your work will be invaluable in keeping efficiency running high in the hospital, and every test you help process and deliver, and every bed you make, will make a difference to the lives of those patients under care in the hospital. You need relatively few qualifications to be a runner in a hospital – so it’s one for those entry-level individuals who wish to do the public good.

Careers in medicine are challenging but ultimately exciting and rewarding – and the five listed above should give you a taste of the various roles you might occupy in a future career in this industry.

Are you studying for a career in medicine? Let us know why you choose it.

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