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Want to work for the Royal Family: Here is what you need to know

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At the end of October, Prince William and his wife Kate started a search for a new Housekeeper at Kensington Palace. That gave us a chance to understand better what they are looking for when they hire new household staff. Here is what you need to know, if you would like to find employment inside the Royal family.

Working in a Royal Palace and other great houses around the world

If you have dreamed about living as a member of a Royal family, maybe this was your chance to see up-close, what it looks like and how it feels, to live in this kind of environment. If you missed it, don’t worry, there will be other openings.

Below, you will learn what Prince William and his wife Kate were looking for when they placed an ad, looking to find a Housekeeper. That way, you can prepare for the next job available, such as butler/majordomo, when they open up. Otherwise, you can still find this kind of work in one of the other great houses around the world, by visiting

The Housekeeper Position at Kensington Palace

What we have learned from the listing notes, regarding the position of the housekeeper at Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace in London, is that it was a permanent job, and that they were seeking someone with experience, who was also able to travel.

This explains quite well what kind of individual the Royal couple is looking for. In fact, it reflects the mentality of the Royal house as a whole, as they look for stability around them. Once you enter into the Royal’s lives, you often end-up working for them throughout your whole lifetime.

This also explains why they are looking for someone who can travel. That way, they can move from one of their houses to another, while bringing their housekeeper along. Again, it creates a stronger link, as the housekeeper becomes a part of the family, traveling along and servicing them, wherever they decide to remain and for however long a period of time.

The ideal applicant

The description of the position also includes qualities Prince William and Kate are looking for. It first states that the person should be organized. He/She should also take pride in their work and show initiative.

The last but not least important thing you need to know is that the Royal family asks its employees to maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion at all times. If the qualities mentioned above describe you, you may just be a part of the Royal family someday!

Would you like to work for the Royal Family? if so, let us know what has drawn you to the role.

Career CamelWant to work for the Royal Family: Here is what you need to know

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