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What healthcare employers like to see on your CV

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Those who work in the field of health know they need a customized resume in order to find the right job. You can’t always grab the attention of hiring managers for the job you want with the skills you currently have. It takes some modification and time to tweak everything to every prospect you are serious about. Below are three tips to make your healthcare resume stand out from the competition and get you noticed by the higher ups.

Convertible skills

If previous work experience is in a different healthcare department or speciality, work must be done to enhance the applicable value of these experiences. The key is to highlight how existing skills from previous positions will benefit the new job. For example, someone who previously worked as a medical coding specialist in a hospital might have just completed their nursing degree and obtained their license. In order to successfully apply for a position with a new degree, they must demonstrate how their knowledge of office procedures and medical vocabulary will help them excel here. They could also show how they are good at remaining calm under pressure, communicating with patients, and working efficiently with co-workers.

Demonstrable dependability

While most job hunters share excessive details about job duties, it’s critical to support bold statements regarding job responsibilities with facts. For example, an RN with administrative duties at a small clinic must illustrate the importance of their position through explaining what they achieved, how many entry-level nurses they supervised, and how they moved up the chain of command. Everyone knows that computer skills are important, but it’s even more important to specify proficiency in the actual program, such as an electronic medical record or EMR conversions or experience with a health storage date archive program. Recent graduates should use any volunteer or internship experiences to document real-world skills as well.

A clear-cut career path

Hiring managers are often wary of job candidates who regularly switch jobs between different industries and career paths. Hiring managers want to see how job candidates have progressed from their first position to where they stand today. This is demonstrated through showing a clear career path with increasingly important job titles and responsibilities. Sometimes, finding the right job is difficult, so continuing education can be used to show long-term career goals. It also helps healthcare providers stay up-to-date on new technologies and treatments as well as demonstrated dedication to professional excellence.

It’s also important to demonstrate decision making, critical thinking, and process improvement skills on any resume. Being a healthcare professional isn’t easy because of rigorous job requirements, but following the tips above will help job seekers land the right position.

What other things do you think healthcare employers would like to see in your skill list?

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Brooke ChaplanWhat healthcare employers like to see on your CV

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