Why are we so bad at wanting to work?

Some of you are, some of you aren’t. Some of you will go to work and absolutely love being there, it’s just in your nature. You can’t help but love going into work and seeing all of the people you get to see, and dare we say it, doing the work that you get to do. But the amount of people who can truly say that are limited. At some point during your working day, you’ll just sit there and wonder why god chose you not to win the lottery. Or why you couldn’t have been born into a family that was literally worth millions. Ah, wouldn’t life just be so simple if that was the case!? But for a lot of us, the working life is all we’re going to be able to deal with… for the rest of our lives. Literally! The world seems to be wanting us to work until we’re pretty much on death’s door now. Unless you can get yourself an early retirement, you could be well into your 70’s before you’re allowed to stop! So, this is why we think we need to explore why people are so bad at working, and what you can do to change your working world around.

It’s Just No Fun

This is the first thing that we can comment on. Work is just no fun. Well, for all of you that hate your job it isn’t! The working world is one of a pecking order. You’ve got the people on the top branch, eating all of the sweetest fruits, and reaping all of the best rewards. Then you’ve got the people on the middle branch, eating the leftovers that have fell from the branch above, and getting a little bit of poop on their head from the people at the top. The people on the bottom branch get no scraps, and get all of the poop from the people above. That literally is how the pecking order works at a job. The higher up you are, the sweeter life is going to be for you. It’s that reason that we think working is no fun. Unless of course you love your job, and you find a company where everyone is treated equally. But let’s face it, companies like that just don’t seem to exist.

The Treatment Is Poor

There’s a fine line between managing a company or a group of people, and treating them so badly that it’s literally criminal. But you’ll often find that this fine line is crossed on a daily basis, and so many people suffer at work because of it. We’re not talking about just being bosses around every now and then, you’re obviously going to have that everywhere you go. We’re talking about the treatment that leaves you feeling mentally scarred, and that you feel totally worthless. We’re talking about the companies who physically and mentally abuse their employees, and it just isn’t on. If this is happening to you, we get why you wouldn’t want to be in the job you’re in at the minute, but there are things that you can do about it. Contact Quittance, and you could find out what legal help you could get for the situation you’re in. But please don’t try and go to legal companies over a boss who is telling you how to do your job. Sometimes you’re just going to have to put up with a little bit of moaning, and get by within your working day by making friends with the people you work with, and enjoying the time with them.

The Right Work Attitude Isn’t There

Ok, so this one is definitely going to apply to a lot of you. If you don’t have the right work attitude, you’re only going to fail in life. Because you could move from job to job, and you’ll actually find that nothing is good for you. You’ll still hate getting up and going to work, and you’ll still hate the fact that everyone else seems to be doing better than you. But they might not necessarily be doing better than you, they just have the right attitude towards work. Throw yourself into a line of work, and find something that you actually have a passion for. You’ll soon find getting up and going to work is better!

There’s Always Something Better

On a final note, if you really do hate your job, there is always going to be something better. Whether it be a completely new line of work, or just a new company to join. It might be worth having a look around and finding something to suit you in the new year, rather than spending time a company you don’t like.

Have you focused your career goals on doing something you love? Let us know why and how you did it.

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