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10 work-life balance tips to set you up for a better 2021

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For many of us, 2020 has been the most challenging year for our professional careers as well as our personal lives. Whether you’ve been dealing with family issues, working from a less-than-ideal setup in your home, or just feeling overwhelmed by the news and the changes every day, the addition of a pandemic to our already hectic lives is difficult to handle. It can feel as if the boundaries between our work and our personal lives have been totally erased, making it more difficult to perform at work and more challenging to show up emotionally at home.

The good news? In any situation, there are tips and tricks we can take advantage of to gain more control of our time and feel a little happier with our day-to-day routines. As the new year approaches, it’s a perfect time to reflect on where you’re at and develop a strong, useful plan for a happier and healthier work-life balance in 2021. 

Two of the most important ways to reset your work-life balance are to set boundaries and take time out of the day to care for yourself. Wellness professionals ranging from coaches to therapists agree that drawing lines between “work” and “home” is a healthy way to manage when both feel difficult. And self-care — however you personally define it — isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity at a time when we’re struggling to balance our emotional and professional lives.

The best part is that practices for improving work-life balance, such as being mindful and setting boundaries, are quick and easy to put in place. Practices can be as simple as keeping a gratitude journal to foster happiness, taking time to really enjoy your weekend, or deciding to set up a home office space that creates a mental separation between work and home. And when all else fails, be kind to yourself. On unproductive days, make a list of things you’ve accomplished to see your achievements and reassure yourself that you’re doing just fine.

Read on for more simple but effective tips from wellness experts who shared their favourite tips to manage a healthy work-life balance with Zolo. Embracing these will set you up for a successful 2021, no matter the circumstances.

Work-life balance tips

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Career Camel10 work-life balance tips to set you up for a better 2021

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