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12 winning phrases to use at job interviews

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Which part of getting a new job do you find most difficult? The search? The application form? For many people, the agony of looking for and applying to a job pales into insignificance next to the job interview itself.

There is a certain sense in fearing job interviews: you feel like you’re on trial; you’re forced to speak in (sort-of) public; and you need to promote yourself – which is a very uncomfortable thing to do for some people.

But on the other hand, it’s kind of daft to get too worked up. You’ll often be able to figure out ahead of time what you’ll be asked, and you’ll almost certainly have plenty of time to prepare. Do so thoroughly (by researching your industry and your potential employer) and you’ll be a lot more confident up against the interview panel. (Tip: you’re not actually ‘against’ the panel – your interviewers want you to be the perfect candidate as much as you want the job!)

It can also be very beneficial for you to figure out what employers in general are looking for from the interview process. After all, your interviewers are only human. They need to take shortcuts and look out for clues to your suitability just like anybody else. And they’re probably seeing a few candidates for the job, so consciously or otherwise they will start looking for different things to set you apart from the competition.

Putting your own spin on a set of tried-and-tested phrases can be an excellent way to stay on track while delivering something different. For example, don’t forget to express your enthusiasm for the role. Tell the panel that you were excited to see the job come up, and explain why – connecting it to your strengths and ambitions or to something that is special about the company. Likewise, you can demonstrate your knowledge about the company by telling them, “I really like how your company…” and completing the sentence with an example of something unique they’ve achieved.

To help you along the way, here’s a new visual resource with 12 strong suggestions on phrases that will help you make your mark in the interview room. So you can go back to worrying about something else, instead!

Phrases to use at job interviews infographic

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Career Camel12 winning phrases to use at job interviews

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