Beginner’s Guide to Alibaba: Marketing & Dropshipping Sales


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Why should you take this course?If you want to start a Home base business and create an additional source of income by using the power of two of the biggest online companies, Amazon & Alibaba, you should definitely take this course.What would you be able to do after taking the course?You will be able to find profitable products in Alibaba, negotiate with the manufacturers in China (to get the absolute best price), import products into your country, have an online store in the Amazon website reaching millions of customers, create irresistible offers for Amazons customers and collect profits growing your home business.Here are some ofthe new abilities you will learn during the course:Identify profitable products in Alibaba.Identify great and trustable Manufacturers in China.Negotiate with Manufacturers to get the absolute best deal (copy of all the emails for negotiation will be provided in the course).Identify market opportunities in the Amazonmarketplace.Open and establish your online business in the Amazon Seller Central and reach millions of customers.Calculate final prices, fees, and other cost to be able to identify the final profit.You will learn how to run your business from your Smartphone and how to use the Amazon seller App effectively.Rank your products higher in Amazon to increase sales.Set up your business in automatic to have more freedom to invest your times in other thing while your business keep generation revenue every month!Do you need to have any prior knowledge in order to succeed?The only required knowledge is Basic Email and Browsing, in other words if you know how to check and send emails, and if you know how to perform a basic Google Search you have all thats necessary to succeed with this course, all the other abilities and strategies Ill be teaching you in the videos inside, all step by step.How do I increase my chances to Succeed inthis course?Great question! In order to guarantee that you will succeed with this course, I prepared 7 Challenges. After each session you will find one challenge that will help you to take action in all the new things you just learned on that session.Thats the absolute best way to make sure you take action and you get the results you are looking for, which in most cases is more money every month!


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