Beginners to Advanced Sales Success in Healthcare (Begin)


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Hidden patterns of behaviour of an authentic healthcare professionalHealthcare industries generally occupies an interesting yet peculiar position within the world of healthcare. It is not totally medical, clinical, holistic or therapeutic, nor is it totally retail. It is all the above! As such it straddles worlds that of healthcare management, marketing and growing a sustainable yet successful business.The industry is mired in the war between marketing and professionalism.This course is unlike any other course you will find on helping customers buy your products or services and serving them authentically in your professional capacity.It is different because it does not ask you to become something that you are not , nor does it require you to become robotic and transactional in your offering as a professional healthcare.Instead this three part course introduces you to five secret patterns of behaviours that already exist naturally within.Sometimes it pays to look within yourself and tap into your natural resources and unlimited potential. Hidden Patterns of behaviour that once have been discovered will increase customer satisfaction, meet needsand increase business revenue. It will make you more valuable to your business, guaranteed to keep you engaged and teach you how to build balanced behaviour that will impact your work , relationships ad life.Here is what you will learn in the beginners course Healthcare is a Special Type of Business : What makes healthcare sales management different from retail sales managementFoundation of Healthcare : TRUST : The relationship with the patient is central in building trust. Trust is a vital element of the relationship. Bridge the Gap Between Clinical and Retail Sales Managenent? : Bridging the gap that exists between healthcare and retailHow we can transition smoothly from clinical functions into sales function in a natural way! Person centred approach provides the building blocks necessary to bridge the. gapHow to Use a Person Centred Approach? : If care is to be centred, then what it looks like will depend on the needs, circumstances and preferences of the individual receiving the care. In the intermediate course : We look at How To Create Customer Value We look at a tool that supports healthcare practitioners understand what patients & customers really, really, want and align products and services to meet those needs. Why Do Customers Buy?Customers seek our discipline because we are specialist in our fields. They come in because they have an interest in the product and service we sell and offer. Why Customers dont buy?As healthcare professional your job is to help customer manage their fear of loss.Customer Centric In FocusCustomer centric means offering a great experience from awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the post purchase process. It is a strategy based on putting our customers first, and at the core of the business.Principles of Customer StrategyPrinciples that show healthcare businesses how they can position themselves for customer success.In Advanced Course we dive deep : Success Habits of An Authentic Healthcare ProfessionChange How You Think: If you are a buyer and youve got as much information as the seller, the new caveat is seller beware not buyer beware!(Daniel pink)How to Be Your Own Best Friend:Who Is The Most Important Person You Know? YOU! You are the most important person in your world! Why? Because you spend 99% of your time thinking about yourself.Use Your Head as Much as Your Heart: Empathy:Empathy is an emotional response to do with feelings, where perspective taking is about thinking the two often work alongside each other.Meet Your Archetype Mentors The five step sales process used in this course is a powerful and proven sales methodology that has been uniquely adapted to equip healthcare professionals with a simple, intuitive and systematic tool.Natural Patterns of Behaviour for Sales SuccessArchetypes are the secret forces behind human behavior, because they reside in our unconsciousthe part of our minds we arent aware ofthey influence us without us knowing it..Discover your natural pattern of sales behaviour . A guaranteed way to help people to buy your products and services . How to be authentic and natural in your salesAnd much, much more


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