Essential Sales Skills for Beginners – or Refreshers


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Hello there and welcome to “Essential Sales Skills for Beginners – or Refreshers”!Lovely to meet you – e-virtually at least :)Thanks for taking the time to checking out this sales course!My name is Stephanie Bosch and I’m a sales person myself with more than 10 years sales experiences in various industries and roles (Banking, Management Consulting,Recruiting, Luxury Retail, Entrepreneurship). I have B2C sales experience (sales to customers)as well as Business to Business sales experience (B2B salesand Business Development). In this essential sales skills course I will share with you sales tips so you will learn the essential sales skills needed to get started in sales. Actually, there is not too much of a “magic pill” in sales – every so often even most experienced sales people need to go back to the sales basics and freshen up their sales skills. Therefore this sales course can easily be used to fresh up your sales skills – even when you are already a sales person. Main target group for this sales course are new sales people though who’d like to learn the essential sales skills. This sales course is NOTFOREXPERTS who are looking to advanced their already existing sales skills!:)What are you going to learn?Get the right sales mindset to successfully sell to your clients – start solving problems and build long-lasting client relationship How do you prepare for your sales visits at your clientsClient interaction – how can you uncover your customers needs andsolve problems for your clientby using your sales skills and empathy Learn how to sell.Learn how to handle objectionsin a sale How toclose the sales After sales and keeping in touch with your customerThis sales course. This means my goal is to support you in becoming more confident in you as a sales person and in the use of your sales skills to close more sales. This sales course won’t deliver on the “hard selling” philosophy as this is not something I live. This sales course does ratherfocus on how to build long-lasting, fruit-able relationships with your clients. Obviously, I love to close a sale and sell -not by pushing it though. I’d rather solve problems, deliver great service and add value to my client relationships. This way Ican build trust and rapport and form sales relationships that are relevant for a long time. This course was created with exactly this mindset.There are a couple of preview videos which you can access for free. Please feel free to check them out to see whether you like this sales course, my teaching style etc. Below are also some student reviews.I’d love to see you in this sales course 🙂 Please note, the course has also a 30 day money back guarantee – so no risk or strings attached for you. Like it and keep it or dislike it and toss it.Thanks a mil for taking the time to checking out this essential sales skills course,Stephanie******************************************************************************************What others sayabout this essential sales skills course:*****Great and powerful course in teaching the basics and the details of selling. The course teaches you how to become a great in the sales process and even if you have no experience. The course talks about mindset and attitudes that you can use in-order for you to be successful in sales. Thank you so much :D*****A great short course to learn the basics in Sales. I liked the short sequences covering different major topics – gives a solid overview about the key facts and skills to start your first experience in Sales!*****The course delivered exactly what it promised – basics in Sales from research until the finished sales deal, with great and helpful tips regarding each step during the sales process. Would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Sales and new to the field to get a good overview and some helpful little tipps to sell succesfully.*****Overall she is amazing at explaining things thoroughly. I was someone who didn’t have a clue about sales and well I know my stuff now! This course is super effective at guiding you through the process of making a sale and how to present yourself and your company as a whole when it comes to making sales. My only complaint would just be that the videos need a little bit better editing just because there were a few videos that just simply cut off towards the end but besides the point. Snag yourself this course if you’re a beginner like me, it will help you out tremendously!*****The presentation has been extra ordinary and picks the points that really a sales person should know.****Concise, valuable, to the point! A good course for beginners like me who wants to learn sales! Thank You, Stephanie!****I found the speaker clear in the description with a great plan from prospecting, to closing the deal (and after). As a beginner, I learnt some tips and tricks. (I’m a consultant guy going to presales world). What could be improved ? Well, I assume I would be happy to have a recap like a timeline or something and on each step the 2/3 advices. I recommand this course.****Nicely presented and interesting. However, some visualisation would be even better. Now we only see the teacher, no graphics or text slides. Apart from some parts that are to be read, this could just be an audio book. In fact this is the way I used most of the later videos, just listening.


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