Excel Dashboard – Sales Dashboard using Excel for Beginners


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These dashboards help to maintain huge chunks of data and also to convert dashboard data into user friendly visuals. These online tutorials are indeed self-paced and one can easily make way and learn to create out dashboards and business intelligence and understand the importance of data trending and create valuable data visualizations. In this training and the beginners training on the same topic, we shall learn Database creation, Database extraction, Index designing, Process flow, Hyperlinks. We will also have a deep understanding on business analysis. We will explore concepts like Cluster analysis, Graphs, Macro filters, Target vs achievement analysis. We will understand Location Analysis through Zone comparison, State comparison, Data consolidation. For doing statistical modeling, we will learn CAGR, Correlation analysis, Moving average, Standard deviation. For doing Predictive analysis, we will look at Trendline, Michael t. Robinson generation analysis, Advanced filters, Excel solver. As a part of Exit Analysis, we will concentrate on %loss reports, growth ratios, scenario manager. We shall also understandSingular view, Data validations, Performance linked growth and CTC.


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