Introduction to Referrals – Literally Double Your Sales


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This Introduction to Referrals course teaches you how to get real referrals that convert in to business. All the content is from genuine business practice and was responsible for growing a Renewable Energy Company from a 1M business to a 20M business in 18 months!The teachers did it and now they want to teach you how to do it. They share some of the tools they used and the techniques that made the referral culture a must for your business. There’s a couple of simple strategies that you can start in your business tomorrow and a few more that will get you thinking about your business in a different way. There is real power in referrals and these guys know how to harness it to make sure you boost your sales conversions. They’ll share their numbers with you!You’ll also get an email template and a sample referral script to ensure you know how to ask in the right way to get referrals that convert quickly in to cash!So, if you want to learn how to boost your business through referrals this course is for you!Oh and by the way, referrals is the cheapest way to get new leads and they’ll convert quicker and stay longer – find out why in this course!


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