Stock Trading With Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies


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Learn Stock Trading Like Professional Trader.Technical Analysis is very big discipline. There is no shortage of studies, theories, chart setups and research papers written and distributed on this subject.Due to huge amount of information that is available on this subject, the actual information that could help you trade has become hard to find and circulating misinformation has become easy.My name is Nrupen and I am trading since year 2010, I have also trained several students since last 6 years and I know people fail to apply Technical Analysis because they find it difficult to apply theory information on price charts.If you are beginner who want a fast track course without going from advanced stuff that is difficult to under stand.OrThe one who is frustrated because the information you have about Technical Analysis has only became information overload than helping you execute profitable trades.Then This Course Is For you.Finally A Course That Teaches You Information That You Can Apply To Trade Profitably, In This Course You’ll LearnWhy Technical Analysis Works ?What Are Basic Concepts That Drive Price ?How To Use Indicators ?How To Trade With Help Of Profitable Price Patterns ?How To Build Your Technical Skills Fast ?Section 1: Basics And FoundationThere have been several studies and theories on Technical Analysis which explains you why Technical Analysis works. These theories includes Market Cycles, Price Cycles, Crowd Psychology, Price Volume Principles, Wave Theories etc. In short, no shortage of applicable theories.Though these theories appear different they are very much similar. Explaining all of them together only results in information overload and misinformation. In this section I explain you why technical analysis works based on Price Cycles because it is easiest one to understand.Section 2: Tools Of Technical AnalysisTrend Lines, Support and Resistance are most basic tools of Technical Analysis. In this section you’ll learn about them with respect to price cycle theory.Section 3: Indicator Based SignalsIn this section you’ll learn about different indicators. You’ll also learn which indicator serves what purpose and how to build your own working chart setups. In this section you’ll also learn about time frames and which time frame is best to trade and why.Here too I have made sure to explain everything with respect to price cycle theory.Section 4: Profitable Price PatternsIn this section I have explained profitable price patterns and how to know will they perform as expected or not based on price cycle theory. I have also added pattern vs indicator characteristics that’ll help you avoid patterns that may fail to perform.Section 5 : Candle Stick PatternsIf you are fan of Candle Stick trading then this section will help you enter profitable trades. It also includes tips to help you avoid fake buy and sell patterns.Section 6: Steroids To Build Your Technical SkillsIn this section you’ll learn how to build Technical Skills so strong to execute 9 successful trades per 10 trades.200+ 5 Star Ratings, Over 2500 Students and 100+ Written Appreciation Can’t Be Wrong”This course is a must for people who wants learn the art of trading. Chapters are very nicely organized and gives a clear picture of the strategy. The course teaches you how to be disciplined trader and become profitable. Hats off to the efforts by the tutor. Very good work. Keep it up and thanks for sharing the knowledge. I have already started becoming profitable after the course and hoping to become a better trader with more live trading experience. ” – Shome”So far i have not come across any books, audio or video that comes close to the details Nrupen has shared. The course covers details including application in real world example how to use various indicators correctly to identify trends and the trading system is a great take away for this course.” – Madeleine Koh”I’m glad I took this course. I’m seeing a 20% profit and probably more over the weekend, and I feel amazed. When I reach my goal for profit, I will visit Kashmir as a thank you. Keep it up, Nrupen!” – Sher Hortillosa”This course is by far the best thing to happen this year. Explanations of concepts are Godlike, they can’t be better. Will update review soon after practice. I made 253.60 this week in my first trade. Nrupen has not only provided superb course but his dedication as instructor is also unquestionable. His experience can be seen from the fact he not only understands problems of student but also answers them in helpful manner. Highly recommended. A very merry Christmas and happy new year to me.” – Shasha”It is a good guide to start with trading in stocks. I was a beginner and now i’m trying most of the strategies suggested and they work well.” – Andrea Colo”Like what the hell is this, I just paid 10 Dollars for a course worth over 2000 Dollars. This guy is good, way better than all the youtube videos i have ever watched. He will teach you in a way that you will be able to apply when Trading. EXCELLENT !!!! – Emmanuel Akinyemi”The course is very concise. No bullshit, just a clear focus on developing basic trading skills.” – Josh AngelchikFor more reviews scroll down.What are the requirements?Basic understanding of Markets and Stocks.Access to charting software or tool.What am I going to get from this course?You’ll get skills of professional trader.You’ll be able to trade in stocks, commodity and Currency Market profitably.What is the target audience?Beginners to technical analysis who are not interested in theory information but in information that’ll help them trade.If you already have already taken Technical Analysis Training but have zero idea how to apply your training in real markets.


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