“Investors Chronicle” Personal Finance Planner

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Praise for Debbie Harrison’s books Debbie Harrison is one of the most knowledgeable writers on investment in the market today and she communicates with great clarity. Her skills are combined in The First Time Investor to provide invaluable assistance to anyone who wants, or needs, to know more about investment.The Observer Debbie Harrison is the best personal finance writer in this country today… Even by Debbie’s exceptionally high standards, The Money Zone is an excellent book which tackles subjects many have tackled over the years, but failed to do so in a convincing manner.Investor’s Week Debbie Harrison combines an insider’s knowledge of investment with an outsider’s ability to judge and explain. The First Time Investor is a book for all those daunted by mindless jargon and who are afraid of the unknown.Financial Times Pension Power may well prove to be the most well-rounded and reader-friendly pensions handbook to date.Pensions World The First Time Investor carries all of the Debbie Harrison hallmarks. Precise and clear for the novice, whilst still containing enough for the investor who has a lot more knowledge. Debbie’s books are always worth keeping close by for r


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