Power BI Training – 16 Hrs – Learnoa Certification


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Power BI training program provides assistance to Business Intelligence Manager, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Statisticians & Analysts, and Data scientists with visualization and sharing the insights from the organization’s data. With self-service intelligence capabilities, it provides interactive visualizations where end users are allowed to create reports and dashboards on their own. There is no need to depend on any information from the database administrator or technology staff.As a matter of fact, all Fortune 1000 organizations are utilizing information examination to streamline their business, acquire contract and accomplish better incomes to such an extent that very soon, the IT business will see a noteworthy increment in climb of procuring of information examination professionals. Hence, the scope for Power BI experts will be huge. Also, Microsoft’s Power BI is something that is financially savvy making it a better choice that other tools in the market. Thus, Power BI experts will be profoundly popular.Average Salary of Power BI expert is approximately $95,220 or approximately Rs. 66, 65,400 per annum.Power BI online training program by Learnoa is really an exciting product. The program comes with a great scope where it lets you take on the data that you have been already working with, thus, helping the businesses make that data resourceful.This training will take you through the components and options in Power BI tool and with teach you how to work with different data sources such as Excel, SQL Server, OData feed, etc. You will be able to know more regarding the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and, Reports Development with various formatting options and Data Visualization options. Then it will introduce SSAS Tabular along with teaching about Live Connections, SQL Server Agent and Scheduling the processing of model. Then comes the most important concept, which is Data Analysis Experssions (DAX), which this programs covers in much detail.This training program explains the concepts with the help of various case studies and real-life examples, so as to make learners relate the concepts to real-world scenarios, and hence understand better. The training program ends with a project which covers almost all major aspects learnt in the training along with the implementation part.What else you will get?Along with the training content, you will also get everything which is applicable from the following on this program:- Codes Snippets- Sample Programs- Informational PPTs- Installation and Configuration Guidelines- Class Notes- Interview Questions- How-Tos- Useful links- Case studies- Real-life examples


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