Security+ Certification Training Kit (Pro-Certification)

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The CompTIA Security+ certification exam measures industry-standard knowledge and competencies for managing information security. And now you can build the skills tested every day, on the job-as well as on the Security+ exam-with this all-in-one training kit. Work at your own pace, using lessons and hands-on exercises co-developed by two Security+ certified professionals. As you develop the real-world expertise needed to help protect corporate information systems and data, you’re also preparing for the Security+ exam-the newest CompTIA credential. BUILD THE SKILLS TO: Identify and help mitigate security risks-essential concepts Know and apply the basic principles of cryptography, keys, and certificates Monitor and help secure vulnerabilities in TCP/IP and network infrastructure Help protect e-mail, RAS, VPNs, wireless services, and other online communications Configure user and group privileges, access control, and authentication Implement security baselines, system updates, and intrusion detection Create an operational security plan-from physical security to business continuity Build an organizational security program-documentation, risk assessment, user education YOUR KIT INCLUDES: Comprehensive self-paced study guide that maps to Security+ exam goals and objectives Learn-by-doing exercises for skills you can apply to the job Lesson summaries and review questions, including a complete Q&A summary Testing tool that generates realistic practice exams with automated scoring and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers Key chapters from the Microsoft Windows Security Resource Kit-for real-world knowledge that goes beyond the exam Supplemental security articles on CD from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Internet Engineering Task Force, and the Common Criteria organization Fully searchable eBook version of the study guide For customers who purchase an ebook version of this title, instructions for downloading the CD files can be found in the ebook.


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