Selenium Training – 15 Hrs – Learnoa Certification


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For any venture, organizations are quickly slanting towards open source testing tools that will empower them to chop down the expense and efforts that are included in manual testing. Selenium is one such open source automated testing tool that is utilized for websites. Execution speed, performance and program cooperation of Selenium are quicker than some other tools of automation.The test bundles, the methods of Selenium accessible for unattended execution, and the test script can be created in any language that is supported by Selenium, thus, making it the most wanted automation testing tool.What’s more, distinctive working frameworks are supported by Selenium along with various programming languages, for example, Pearl, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, .NET, and Java; and different programs, subsequently making Selenium the leading tool of automation.Average salary for a Selenium Automation Engineer is approximately $81,405 per annum or approximately Rs. 56,98,350.Load Runner, Web Software Quality Assurance (QA), GUI Test Automation, Automated Testing, and Black Box Testing are among the highly paid skills that are associated with this job.The practical training program by LearnOA for Selenium will help you in learning about Selenium 3.3 along with its different components like Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, and Selenium GRID. The training will help you understand the process of setting up the environment which will make you ready to start using the technology (Selenium) for testing the web apps on different browsers. Furthermore, the training program lets you gain experience of working with Selenium WebDriver by using various frameworks like Data Driven, Module Driven, Keyword Driven, & Hybrid.Moreover, the learner will become more aware of the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern which helps in maintaining the readability as well as reusability of the automation scripts. It is this course that lest you get introduced with the POM s concept and learn more ways to implement Page Factory & Page Classes that help you with the optimization of executing automation scripts.Our training program even allows you to gain knowledge on different third-party tools like TestNG, Sikuli, Jenkins, and AutoIT which you can optimally use to perform various tasks in browsers, for instance, utilizing flash applications or Windows-based UI elements.What else you will get?Along with the training content, you will also get everything which is applicable from the following on this program:- Codes Snippets- Sample Programs- Informational PPTs- Installation and Configuration Guidelines- Class Notes- Interview Questions- How-Tos- Useful links- Case studies- Real-life examples


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