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This course proposes a holistic approach to apply in your day to day life, to improve and remodel the interaction with your dog, your pets, other animals, and to transform yourself.We are thrilled to introduce you to this course on a holistic approach to dogs, pets and other animals behavior, training, and care. One of the most common problems, in any field, is that we got used to looking at things in just one manner. We focus only on one aspect of a broader situation. The consequence? We have lost connection with the whole picture. We miss the unique opportunity represented by an holistic approach. We see this in the medical field, in technology, in psychology, and our interactions with humans and our dogs, our pets and other animals. So dog and pets behavioural issues, clinical scenarios, emotional aspects and dog training or pets education activities, or other animals care, anyway all that relates to our dogs, pets and other animals, is thought and delivered separately. One piece at the time, one aspect at the time, lacking communication that integrates all the parts. We miss the whole picture of our dogs life, pets’ life, and other animals’ life.Conversely, we need to integrate the many perspectives. We need to increase cooperation among different professionals. We need to improve communication. We need to become more self-observant and detect the consequences of our behavior on others and our pets, our dogs or other animals we work with or care of. That is what is required. To address every situation in a way that may be comprehensive, balanced, and reflecting the flow of nature. You know this: in nature, nothing has a value per se, everything is interconnected with everything else, everything is in communication with everything else. And so it should be in addressing the life of our beloved dogs. That is “why” a course on the behavior and training of dogs must also include the behavior of human. Other essential pieces are also needed to have an understanding of the whole picture, and not of just single aspects. Animals, dogs, pets are clear in their communication. We are full of best intention but sometime we may also need some support in framing a situation. All of us can improve in something, right? Dogs, pets and animals are here to teach. However, some people are obsessed with dog training, and dog training and dog behavior and dog training, and behaviour…And they put the absolute focus on the animals they interact with. We need to realise that at the core of that, at the core of the care we can provide to dogs and other animals, ultimately, and often, its about ourselves. Is about our holistic approach to communication. It is about how we position ourselves within a certain context. It is how we frame the behaviour of dogs and other animals, how we do approach those. In other words, not what a dog, for example, is doing but how do we respond to that. Or, said otherwise, what type of understanding, empathy and communication we activate to facilitate, to contain, to support. Thus, again, we need to have an approach that is holistic and comprehensive. If this perspective resonates with you. If you believe this is the approach that truly supports our dogs, pets or other animals and can genuinely improve their life and our life. If you are willing to learn and re-formulate some preconceived ideas. If you wish to improve your communication skills as an animal supported and healer. If you wish to embrace a holistic approach. Then, welcome! This course is for you. It’s a unique opportunity, online, 24/7, always available. Just catch this opportunity with no hesitation. Just enrol, and get confident with a holistic approach to dogs and other animals too. It will truly change your life. Final Holistic NoteThe knowledge proposed here is a combination of science and hands-on experience, everything integrated into a simple language, that facilitates in any manner your learning process. If you are interested in animal communication, a dog trainer, a dog and animals behavior consultant or animal caretaker, a dog parent, a dog worker, an dog and animal passionate, a pet parent, a social worker, a teacher, an animal ambassador, a animal advocate.. this course is for you! What people say of my courses: Marco Adda has done a great job being clear and informative on ways to best take full advantage of the course material and different ways to achieve optimal learning. Eleonora Clemente Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos… muito bom! Isabel Foguete What a wonderful course, rich with essential information and critical points to consider regarding a truly holistic approach to dog behavior and our interrelationships with dogs and all animals. Thank you, Marco, for providing such an engaging overview of a much-needed perspective. I look forward to Holistic Dog Behavior Part II!!! Cathirose Petrone


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