Natural & Holistic Pet Care (Dog, Cat Health Training – P2)


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This course is aimed at those who wish to learn more about how to care for their pet’s overallhealth and vitality, using complimentary therapies and solutions.Th course contains 9 lectures, from Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Practitioner, Nikki Brown, fromCanine Angel.The trainingcourse was taken from Nikki’s live 3 day training workshop and includes lectures about the remarkable new holistic technology of BioResonanace Therapy and how this energetic medicine is helping to aid animal’s with their healthprotocols.The course then dives into the an in-depth study of Vaccines, Chemical pest control, microchips, spaying & neutering and what the possible risks and side effects of these protocols are and what other safer alternatives are available.The lectures also take a look into the New UK Dangerous Dog Act 2016 and how some of the rules of this new act of parliament, can affect the animal’s health and what alternatives can be put in place to safeguard our best friends.Th course finishes off with a real life case study of how the natural protocols mentioned in the lectures helped one of Nikki’s clients to improve the health and quality of life of a very sick dog who had undergone years of veterinary treatment to no avail.We hope you enjoy the training course and look forward to receiving your questions, comments and feedback.


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