Affiliate marketing for beginners: Get traffic and sales


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For 99% of people,affiliate marketing and passive income dreamis how they get involved in this business.Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’sproducts. As an Affiliate marketer(Publisher)you find a product or service you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.I personally tested all this marketing tricks and strategies and what I can sayaffiliate marketing its huge potential of earnings!If you will join this course you will understand whole process: You will learn how to create your niche website. How to select niche and product what you should promote.Today quality content gives better results in you marketing effort so you will get idea how to get fresh quality content without spending to much time for this.In”Affiliate marketing for beginners:Get traffic and sales” Udemy course I will show you step by step how to create quality website or blog without web development skills.In next part of course you will get fresh ideas how to get targeted web site traffic to your affiliate website as well you will learnpowerful SEO tipswhat will skyrocket your niche website toGoogle page 1.You will also get idea how to automate your marketing efforts andstart getting sales on autopilot. This course is perfect for beginners and for people who already has experience inaffiliate marketing businessbut not getting results.Updates:06/07/2018 -How to install ssl certificate in cpanel for WordPress website. Helps to Secure website and increase Google Ranking.04/06/2018 -How to promote affiliate links on YouTube and rank it fast with Facebook Groups.01/06/2018 -How to get coupon codes and deals for your Affiliate Website.31/05/2018 -Where can i post my affiliate links for free?25/05/2018 -Google AdWords Marketing Strategy. For detailed method please visit my course:Affiliate Marketing with Google Editor.20/05/2018 – How toextract all links from website for marketing purpose.05/05/2018How I promote ClickBank products by using SEO tools.17/04/2018 -Use Quora to promote affiliate links.17/04/2018 – How to build a lot of BackLinks to your affiliate offer and get your affiliate link displayed in Google page 1.16/04/2018 – ClickBank Section added. How to start with ClickBank, How to use Clickbank marketplace feed, how to select product from ClickBank and How to withdrawal money from ClickBank.10/04/2018 – Adding Navigation and Sitemap Link to Niche website – For Google Webmaster Tools.09/04/2018 – How to create affiliate web store without any skills by using Excel and WordPress plugin. (Step by step tutorial)08/04/2018 -How to import all affiliate products to your Niche Website.07/04/2018 -Adding Niche website to Google Webmaster Tools.06/04/2018 – How to use SEO optimize your niche website.06/04/2018 -Creating blog posts for Affiliate Links and adding Categories to rank your post.05/04/2018 -How to Use Google Adwords to promote your Affiliate Links.04/04/2018 -Use Pinterest to build back links and promote your affiliate links.


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