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Ditch the office: dream jobs for people who love the outdoors

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Although many people grow up thinking that after college they are supposed to find a typical 9-5 career, sometimes that just simply is not the case. With the growing number of ways to make a living, there are any number of opportunities to help you follow you passion, whether that be in the business world, in an artistic setting, or in the outdoors. There are more jobs available each year for people who love the outdoors, with many of them offering the ability to travel and explore all while making a comfortable living. Below are five dream jobs for people who love the outdoors.

Travel show host

This profession is not limited to various programmes found on the travel channel anymore. Almost all news outlets, broadcast programmes, and even sports shows now take their voices internationally, and each programme has a different host who is responsible for travelling to the various locations and reporting on the stories at hand. Some of the more exotic locations include reporting from the Amazon, the Outback, or even Antarctica.


This is a great career option for anyone who loves the outdoors, because at its most basic the job of an environmentalist is to care for and preserve the environment. This can include any number of responsibilities, from state park management to water conservation to landfill control.

Pipeline inspector

This may be a bit more of an out-of-the-box profession, but these individuals work to protect the core of our environment, taking great care to insure the thousands and thousands of pipes that are laid throughout the country are done so correctly. Companies such as 20/20 NDT Inc are constantly looking for professionals to join this growing industry and help make a direct impact to the environment.

Park ranger

Every state has parks that need to be watched over and preserved, and park rangers are the ones who ensure that this happens. They oversee the allotted park grounds and make sure that all regulations and rules are being followed and also help to make sure the park stays in great condition.

Surf/ski/snowboard/skydiving instructor

For those who have taken a great liking to these type of outdoor sports, a job as an instructor may be a great job option for you. The jobs provide the flexibility of being able to make your own schedule and the opportunity of eventually being able to run your own business.

Desk jobs aren’t for everyone, and luckily there are a lot of options for those who prefer spending time in the outdoors rather than in an office. Every year more jobs become available, and every year more people are following their passions. So no matter what facet of the outdoors you choose to work in, you will be able to find a great job and follow your dream.

Do you have any more examples of dream jobs for people who love the outdoors? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Les Haines / Flickr

Karleia SteinerDitch the office: dream jobs for people who love the outdoors

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