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Do all entrepreneurs have degrees in Business Studies?

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If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur and making your own fortune then it’s likely that you’ve looked into business studies. However, you’ll probably notice that some very famous entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson didn’t even finish their studies. Instead, they went straight into business and became an entrepreneur from a young age–but can this approach work for everyone?

The short answer is no. Not everyone can have the same fortune and intuition that Richard Branson has, but it does show that it’s completely possible to act on your instincts alone and become a successful business manager. However, we would recommend that you do study at least the fundamentals of business management.

Learning from others mistakes and successes

One of the lesser-known things about entrepreneurship is that you absolutely will fail. For every success, you can expect to go through dozens of failures to try and find the right product and approach to take.

By studying business before you plunge into the world of entrepreneurship, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of other business and the reasons why their businesses were successful or failed. You can then learn from these cases and apply them to your own business, effectively avoiding the trial and error process that can cost a lot of money, time and effort.

We’ve added an infographic on the end of this article to help you understand some of the benefits of studying business over the internet.

Are you a budding entrepreneur choosing not to go to university? Let us know why you made that decision.

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Career CamelDo all entrepreneurs have degrees in Business Studies?

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