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Five reasons to work in pure sciences

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In the highly competitive era of today, many students choose to work in areas which are economically and financially secure. The allure of engineering, medicine, and management is very high considering the returns in the form of good salary packages. Due to this attraction, working in the sector of pure sciences has all but taken a back seat.

Pure science is a field dedicated to fundamental physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Doing research may not be as profitable as working in a technical field of applied science or engineering, yet it has its own merits. Here are some reasons why one must not shy away from pursuing a career in this field.

  1. The initiators

Scientists are nothing but builders of accessible knowledge banks. They are the ones who produce and verify the fundamental data, which is the stepping-stone to any new scientific invention. They are the true trendsetters of technological innovations. Applied science is incomplete without the efforts of pure science.

  1. Becoming famous

An engineer designs a completely new device but loses it to the name of the parent company. A scientist on the other hand conducts extensive research, results of which are published under his/her name. The research papers are promoted by leading journals with the initials of the scientist as “first author”. Apart from this, several lucrative awards like Nobel Prize, Fields medal, awards by UNESCO, etc. are given to meritorious candidates, which have a global appeal.

  1. Job satisfaction

The work conducted by a scientist is his own. It is initiated, researched, devised, and verified by himself. In entirety, you are a master of your work. The efforts employed in finding a solution to a stubborn problem are well rewarded which give excessive job satisfaction. It is nothing but satisfying to see all the hard work and toil cumulating in a victorious outcome.

  1. The security

Engineering pays. Medicine pays. Management pays. A career in pure sciences too can pay. The money may trickle initially; however, after attaining the position of an official scientist (after completion of PhD) you can be assured of a comfortable paycheck. All the skills acquired during the coursework can be effectively clubbed together and mentioned in your resume, which can be used to acquire jobs in pharmaceutical companies. Professional resume writing services can be employed for assistance here.

  1. Ideating

This is one field where an individual works in partnership with leading professionals of that department on a daily basis. Brainstorming and discussing new ingenious ideas takes place regularly. Surrounded by imminent scientists and being able to discuss and ideate about latest events in technology is endearing to the core.

Pursuing a career in this field is not a bleak prospect by a long shot. Many students in our country finish their under graduation and then look towards foreign universities for higher studies due to the exceptional infrastructural facilities present there. This brain drain can be curbed by improving the standard of scientific instruments in the laboratories and by employing effective strategies for the economic and financial betterment of the interested candidates.

Would you work in pure sciences? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tina JindalFive reasons to work in pure sciences

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