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Four jobs you can learn from home

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Getting a high-paying job doesn’t always have to involve attending classes at a university to learn the necessary skills for the position. There are many jobs that you can learn from home, and some of these positions are known to provide excellent wages and job security. Here are four of the best jobs you can learn from home on your own time.


By simply finding better, more efficient ways to clean your home and learning how to get the job in the shortest amount of time possible, you can train yourself to become a professional housekeeper. Even though this may not seem like a position that pays well, starting your own business and hiring employees to help you do the work can result in a high salary.


Doctors, lawyers and other professionals often need notes transcribed into a more readable format that allows them to retrieve important information easier. As a transcriptionist, you can perform a valuable service by transcribing these notes and earn a hefty salary in the process. Online transcription school can teach you everything you need to know to enter this field. You can also sharpen your transcription skills by simply typing more or taking quick practice tests online.

Home inspection

As a home inspector, you’ll be inspecting properties that people either want to buy or have appraised to determine their actual values. When you’re hired to inspect a property, you’ll be looking for things like pest damage, radon exposure and how stable the property is structurally. You can enrol in an online home inspector training course to be taught the tricks of the trade. Most states also require home inspectors to be licensed to be able to work legally.

Web design

If designing websites for other people sounds like fun to you, become a web designer may be the perfect career choice. You’ll be working to make each website as interactive and easy to use as possible for website owners and their online visitors. From adding colourful graphics to eye-catching fonts, you’ll use your skills to design the most attractive and engaging websites possible. Online courses allow you to learn everything there is to know about this industry. You can take the skills that you’ve obtained to either find a job with a company or start your own business.

By learning how to do any of these jobs at home, you’ll be preparing yourself for a rewarding career the easier way. Doing the work from home to enter these career fields can give you a greater sense of freedom as you strive toward your career goals.

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Lizzie WeakleyFour jobs you can learn from home

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