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Four tips for staying sane during a long job hunt

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Searching for the right job can be exciting as well as exhausting. However, there are ways to make the effort more meaningful and effective. Try these proactive tips and shortcuts to make your job search less stressful and more productive.

Make connections

Get in touch with former bosses and coworkers to let them know you’re looking for another position. Since they already know you in a professional capacity, they may be willing to keep you in mind for jobs that become available. Similarly, get acquainted with the local business community by attending professional seminars and workshops in your line of work and perhaps consider offering one in your speciality area. Attend business events and read the local business news for information on new business and company expansions as potential hiring sources. Working with people you know and meeting new individuals as well as learning new things can be uplifting and may help to assuage your anxiety during a long job hunt.

Be prepared

Update your resume and carry professional business cards. Look your best when attending business functions. Be a good listener and smile often to showcase your positive attitude. Try to arrange your schedule so you can go on an interview if you are contacted for one. Read the company’s website and reviews to prepare for the interview. The more you know, the better prepared you will be, and that will reinforce your self-confidence while eliminating some of the doubt and nervousness you might experience during the job search process.

Contact recruiters

Get in touch with professional job recruiters in your area. Register with their service, take any required tests, and upgrade your application materials along with references to look their best. Be specific about the kind of job you want and the credentials you can offer, including education, training, and experience. Also be honest about any limitations you have, such as no out-of-state travel as well as flexibility you can offer, like being willing to work at home if requested. Let recruiters do the work of finding the right positions for your application and setting up the interview appointment, which will remove some of the job search stress from your life.

Post your CV

Let your CV do the walking and the talking by posting it online at your personal website. This will keep you from having to contact numerous prospective employers and mailing out your resume if requested. Have your references ready so that interested employers can quickly receive them if desired.

Basic steps like these can reduce the amount of time you are pounding the pavement on a job hunt. You can also minimise stress by organising your materials and posting them online for viewing. A brief email to possible employers with a link to your site can be done in minutes, saving time and effort.

Do you have any more advice on staying sane during a long job hunt? Leave a comment below.

Lizzie WeakleyFour tips for staying sane during a long job hunt

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