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Here’s how to become a mentor and help a child

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It is said that children are our future. They are the legacy that we leave to carry on our values and beliefs and to be responsible for all the good in the world once we’re no longer here. Sometimes, however, children don’t have the necessary support system to teach them how to be productive and happy members of society. When you become a mentor it can make a real difference, not only in the life of a child, but in your own life as well.

Positive role model

Children learn by example, and you, as a mentor, have a powerful opportunity to be a positive role model in a child’s life. You can use your life as an example of what it means to be an upstanding adult. Your example can help the child learn the right things to do in lots of different situations and can guide them on a path that is free from the trouble they might otherwise have found.

If a child has already gotten into trouble, your role can be just as powerful. Even a troubled child needs a place to turn, and a mentor is in a perfect position to listen, give advice, and help guide the child to a better situation. As a mentor, you can impact a troubled child’s life in a positive way that other authority figures sometimes cannot.

It can help you, too

The benefits of mentoring are not only for the children though. Your life can be greatly affected as well. It’s a way in which an adult can give his or her knowledge and experience to a younger generation. Most people wish to give back in some way, and mentoring is a perfect way to accomplish that goal. It can be fulfilling in ways you haven’t even considered.

Mentoring is also a chance to examine your own life. As a mentor, you want to set the best example for the child. This makes it important to make sure that you are behaving in an appropriate and productive manner in your own life. Sometimes, having the motivation of helping a child makes it easy to make good choices for ourselves. By setting an example for a child, you may find your own life improving as well.

Whatever the reason, mentoring can be a rewarding experience for children and adults. Please consider the impact it could have on your life and the good you could do, and help a child by becoming a mentor today.

When did you become a mentor? Has it changed your life? Tell us in the comments below.

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Harper HarmonHere’s how to become a mentor and help a child

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