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How to side hustle your way through university

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Studying is tough enough as it is, without having to take a regular job with a boss and fixed hours in order to fund your way through it. The fact is, the routine of the Saturday job just doesn’t sit well with the routine of many students – even if it just about fits in the schedule. But there are opportunities to side hustle your way through university.

Your student years are a chance to learn about the world, meet new people, and expand your skills and experience; taking a job in a shop or bar will only satisfy these needs to a certain extent. You will likely find that a workable side-hustle (earning a bit of money parallel to your regular routine) is the best shot at keeping your income at a liveable level while giving you plenty of chances to try new things.

But how to go about it? Well, you’ve heard of the internet, right? It turns out there are a billion ways to make a living using that wide old web. If you make things for a hobby (or indeed, you’re studying an art or craft of some kind) it’s possible to sell your stuff via Etsy or eBay, or other more specialised websites for different crafts – just make sure that selling your work doesn’t violate the rules of your university.

Alternatively, you can get some much-needed fresh air and exercise by joining dog-walker networks, or spending a couple of weekends carefully researching the geography and history of your university town and then becoming a local guide. In each of these cases, you have a bit more control over your working hours than if you took a regular job, as you can pick and choose the gigs you take to fit in with your study time (and your hangovers).

The options are nearly endless, but you can find a selection of some of the best ones in this new guide from Quick Quid. Why waste your weekends slouching behind a counter when you can make a decent income doing something you love?

Side hustle infographic

How did you side hustle your way through university? Offer your tips below in the comments!

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Marilyn VinchHow to side hustle your way through university

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