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How to be a successful eLearning freelancer

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Becoming an eLearning freelancer is a very challenging career path. You need to be smart, intelligent, have the ability of managing multiple enrolments and clever enough to be able to teach on multiple subjects. Undoubtedly, you need to have a subject matter expertise and a specific eLearning niche you focus on, but it’s always a good and profitable idea if you are willing to learn more.

So, if you also want to thrive in this profession, there are certain qualities that you must possess.

Keep your online eLearning portfolio up-to-date

Your online portfolio reflects your expertise, knowledge and skills. Take the time to develop an effective portfolio that grasps the attention of the potential clients and employers immediately. Clearly outline who you are, what you can offer to and what’s the thing that distinguishes you from other freelancers. As you develop new skills and gain more knowledge and experience, add these to your online eLearning portfolio. Make sure it is well-organised and up-to-date.

Build and manage your online reputation

In the current scenario where most of the people rely on online mediums to connect with others, it is imperative to build a presence online if you want to be successful. Create a site or blog that represents your services, skills and expertise. Connect with your target audience on social media sites and eLearning forums. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your online reputation by asking your client’s feedback. Their positive testimonials can prove very beneficial for your career.

Grow your network

Joining eLearning professional groups on social networking sites such as LinkedIn can give you invaluable exposure. Try to grow your contacts list as much as possible. This can bring you more projects related to your niche and golden opportunities in the future.

Remain updated with current trends in the eLearning market

Every industry has loopholes that need to be filled and once you identify those loopholes, it may lead to success and significant profit. So keep yourself updated with the eLearning trends and identify the areas where you can put your skills and experience. For example, if certain companies are not willing to work with smaller budgets of the client, why don’t you try to get that opportunity.

Time management

Many people are talented enough to deliver an effective eLearning course, but few can handle it within the deadlines. This is what that can differentiate you from others. Manage your time effectively to build your credibility among your clients.

Communication skills

You will stand nowhere in the market if you don’t know how to sell yourself. And for this, you must have strong communication skills. A precise and clear communication between you and your clients is necessary at all times for the smooth working of operations. If you have ideas or suggestions to improve the course or syllabus, communicate them to your client in a professional way.

Be innovative and creative

Don’t limit yourself to that old school style of eLearning modules. Try to be creative and look for new mediums of delivering training and content to the learners. Know what can benefit your eLearning freelance business in the future.

Do you want to become a successful eLearning freelancer? Tell us in the comments below!

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Yohana PetrovicHow to be a successful eLearning freelancer

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