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How to land a job at a marketing agency

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If you have a discernible and applicable talent in any of the following fields – web design, graphic design, art, writing – or even just a creative mind that is constantly coming up with new ideas and is quick to recognise the truth of the life around you, then it is quite possible that you might thrive in the marketing industry.

As online marketing is becoming a big thing, the need for marketing professionals is constantly growing and it provides an atmosphere where people are valued by what they are capable of and what their minds can produce. It is also an industry where one can advance without having to bend their backs to accommodate the whims of higher-ups and where one’s worth is usually enough to be noticed.

So, how does one get a job or at least an internship spot at a reputable marketing agency?

Hone your skills

Skills are the prime prerequisite for landing a job or internship at a marketing agency and it is absolutely crucial that you hone your skills. We’re not saying that you should spend 22 hours every day coding or coming up with logos. But never think that you will be able to just talk your way into a marketing agency. It is still a serious business and they will want to see the skills.

Analyse their past work

Once you have decided on the marketing agencies you are thinking of approaching, a good idea would be to see what they had done in the past. Check out their most successful or publicised campaigns for their biggest clients. No campaign is perfect and you might actually get ideas on how to improve these campaigns. When you go in for an interview, you might be asked about some ideas and this is where your preparation will come in handy.

Analyse the best in the business

In addition to learning about the work your (hopefully) future marketing agency has done, you should also familiarise yourself with some true marketing classics. You will find so much there that it will be like you have spent years reading books and listening to teachers. Immerse yourself in the culture and it will rub off on you.

Be honest

Once you reach the interview stage, it is essential that you are as honest as you can legally be. Marketing industry is strongly influenced by the personalities of the people who work in it and you do not want to come across as a mindless drone that spews out tired and prepared phrases. Do not be afraid to show the interviewer who you are.

Put your skills on display

In most cases, an interview with a marketing company will have a practical part, at least in some form. They will most likely ask you about what your skills are and how you might apply them to a certain task at hand. Be prepared for this. No one is expecting you to come up with the next The Hire films for BMW, but it is also a bad idea to look like you have no idea what to say or do.

Do you have any more tips on how to land a job in a marketing agency? Let us know in the comments below.

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James BurbankHow to land a job at a marketing agency

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