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How to stay motivated through the summer

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Even when exams are bearing down on us, we can struggle to maintain a good work ethic. After all, life has this way of distracting even the most diligent workers. So how can anyone be expected to work during summer, the laziest months of the year?

Unfortunately, it can be hard to even muster up the focus to think about working. However, there are ways that you can work effectively, if you just remember these tips.

A job isn’t the worst thing in the world

Although it may seem counterproductive to do this, it can actually be a boon. For many people, the prospect of nothing for days on end can mean very little is achieved. After all, why do something today when you could do it tomorrow? By filling up a chunk of your leisure time with a simple job that doesn’t require you to care when you aren’t actually there, you effectively force yourself to prioritise your time better and end up achieving far more than you would have imagined.

Plan ahead

Without sounding like a Type-A freak, if you wake up with only vague notions of what your day will entail, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve much. It’s simple to wait until the next hour, and time can slip away without you realising where it’s gone. If you plan for the upcoming day the night before, then you’ve effectively locked yourself into those activities. Although this isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone, it can become a lot more potent as a tool for revising well over a period of time.

Cut yourself off from distractions

What’s around you can affect how well you work, and if numerous online distractions are at your fingertips, as well as the inevitable real-life problems in any space that isn’t private, then it’s likely that you’ll leave the day feeling underwhelmed. Make a space – preferably in a private room – that you can use solely for revision, without fear of intrusion or annoyance. As well as this, it might not hurt to install some site-blocking software like Cold Turkey to stave off the appeal of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Put your phone away and turn it off. You’ll thank yourself when you’re relaxing in the evening.

Do you have any more tips on staying motivated through the summer? Let us know below!

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Nicholas BuxeyHow to stay motivated through the summer

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