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Job application tips for climbing the corporate ladder

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Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t just about what you can do, it’s about getting the chance to show that you can do it. If you want to climb the ladder, you’ll need to pay attention to how you’re applying to jobs. Below are four ways tips for climbing the corporate ladder.

Start with a cover letter

Cover letters may feel like they’re a thing of the past, but they’re actually incredibly important when you’re climbing the corporate ladder. Not only do they function as tools for introducing yourself, but they can help to separate you from the rest of the pack. Perhaps more importantly, these letters also show that you understand that following the formalities matters – something that carries a lot of weight as you climb the corporate ladder.

Use executive CV makers

While a DIY CV is fine when you’re seeking an entry-level job, those who want to move to a higher position need to work with companies that specialise in writing executive resumes. Executive CV writers understand the kind of language that hiring boards are looking for and they also understand how to help you stand out. Don’t be afraid to spend money here, as doing so will help you in the long run.

Send thank you cards after the interview

Most executive positions have hundreds of applicants. If you make it to the interview round, you may still be competing against dozens of other candidates. The best way to ensure that you stand out is to do something memorable, so make sure that you thank the people who interviewed you for their time. This shows that you’re the kind of person who thinks of others and it also shows that you care enough about the job to send a physical note.

List your personal projects

Finally, make sure that you show that you have the kind of experience that your peers might lack. If you have done any kind of personal work outside of your job, make sure to list it if it is applicable. Even volunteer projects can matter if they show a level of dedication to the role. Your goal should always be to show that you’re not just a good fit because of your past jobs, but because you have some kind of experience that your competition can’t match.

Don’t be afraid to stand out when you apply for a corporate job. The more memorable you are, the better the chance is that you get called back. While your skills should speak for themselves, having a good application can get you to the point where people actually pay attention to those skills.

Do you have any more tips for climbing the corporate ladder? Let us know in the comments below.

Meghan BelnapJob application tips for climbing the corporate ladder

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