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Life lessons from stunt drivers in taking more risks

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Fast, furious, and risky. We often try to avoid risks in our careers, finances, and our life to keep us safe and prevent damage. While there are many situations that require you to play it safe, there is some room for risk. For a fun spin on risk-taking lessons, check out some life lessons from stunt drivers about stepping out of our comfort zone. 

Why take risks?

Taking risks may even reward you in terms of personal growth or even financial payoffs. It’s important to remember that fear can be one of the biggest obstacles in our way and that can hold us back from untapped opportunities. If you have a solid safety net or backup plan, look for more chances to take risks in your life. It could be changing your career path, moving to a new city, or as simple as making a new friend. 

When to not take risks

Of course it’s hard to say, but risk can be calculated. Knowing the pros and cons of each outcome can help you make a more educated decision on which path to take. You never want  to put yourself or anyone else in danger and you want to make sure you can recover from any failures. Ultimately, you know yourself best and trusting your gut can be one of the only ways to make a call. 

Risks worth taking in life

Younger people are more prone to taking risks because they often feel much more invincible. There are benefits and downfalls to this but your 20s and 30s are generally the best time to make more risky moves before settling down. Risks could mean changing your field of study to pursue a passion or starting a new hobby that no one knows you’re interested in. 

Risks to take in your career or business

Entrepreneurs are often known for their risky behaviour. That’s because starting your own business means investing a lot of time and money into something that may not payoff. If you’re unhappy with your career path, make a change. If you want to learn a new skill, enrol in a class or training. It’s never too late to change course. 

Risks to consider with your finances

Everyone has a different propensity for risk. While some would rather play it safe with their money and investments, they may miss out on larger returns. On the other hand, those who aren’t shy of risk play a slippery slope when it comes to big losses. Research and mentors are one way to take smarter risks with your money, but don’t be afraid to invest in the long-term.

Here are some life lessons you can learn from stunt drivers below.

Life lessons from stunt drivers infographic

Do you know of any other life lessons from stunt drivers? Let us know in the comments below.

Career CamelLife lessons from stunt drivers in taking more risks

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