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Should I move for work or find work near home?

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Exciting career opportunities don’t always come along when expected. Some show up at inopportune times when you are busy doing other things. You might be surprised one of these days to be offered a position that will advance your career if you are willing to relocate. Here are some things to consider as you weigh your decision.

Compare the choices

Staying in your current job role means security and stability. You won’t have to leave friends and relatives and can keep doing the things you enjoy now, such as going to the gym or dining at your favourite restaurants. If you move, however, you could still stay in touch with loved ones by video calls or Skyping as well as with occasional visits. You can explore new places to visit for recreational purposes and make new friends, too.

Advance your career

If one job offers career advancement that the other does not, you may want to make the move to keep climbing the ladder of success. The more skills you learn, along with money earned, should continue to grow, so the sooner you get started the better off you will soon be. But if both jobs are essentially equal with no career perks, you can focus on the connections you have already made in your current job and community instead of being uprooted to start over in another area.

Compare service options

Although you would have to give up your current home to move for a career position, your search for a new residence can be aided by real estate services that help you find the ideal place to live in your new location. Planning ahead, you can have your new home move-in ready when you transfer to your new job. If you enjoy certain services in your present lifestyle, some chain businesses may be available at the relocation destination, such as hair salons, supermarkets, and gym memberships. If you have to look for new service providers such as child care, you may find one that is superior in the projected location compared to the service you are now using.

Anticipate regrets

Envisioning your life in either location, in which position are you likelier to look back with regrets? Will you be sorry in a year or two that you moved away, or is there a good chance you will be glad to have made a career move when you did? Although there are no clear answers, you may get some indicators to guide your decision.

Following your career path may keep you where you are or move you to another location. Give careful thought to the choice that will probably make you happier in the long run.

Did you move for work or did you stay near home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Brooke ChaplanShould I move for work or find work near home?

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