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Six creative career choices for every personality type

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Different characteristics and traits constitute the various personality types. If you are outgoing, reserved, friendly or analytical, there is a creative career choice suited to your individuality.

Fashion designer

If you have an eye for detail and a natural sense of balance and proportion, a career in fashion designing might be the choice for you. Fashion designers need to develop technical skills such as sewing and pattern-making. They also need sales and marketing skills to promote the clothing, shoes or accessories that they that have created. Working in retail helps gain sales experience and the fashion sense needed to succeed as a fashion designer.


Architects can design a wide variety of different structures, from a farmhouse in rural America to chapels in Europe. Along with basic sketching skills, architects must also have engineering abilities, computer proficiency and excellent communication skills. The ability to visualise a concept and successfully communicate that idea to a client is essential.


Artistic individuals with exceptional people skills could be very successful as a cosmetologist. There are many branches in this field, including hairstyling, make-up artistry and skin care. Cosmetologists work directly with clients to provide a new look or style. The Hornsby Group offers different programs for those interested in the many areas of cosmetology.

Interior designer

Interior designing is not limited to private homes; every type of building needs some sort of interior designing. Airports, theatres, restaurants, schools and more all need an interior designer. Different buildings call for different design goals, such as boosting productivity in an office environment, increasing sales in a retail store or promoting tranquility in a hospital. Interior designers must be skilled a variety of fields in order to reach the diverse goals.

Art director

An art director formulates design concepts for visual communications media such as print advertising and broadcasting. Strong decision making skills and leadership abilities are necessary as an art director will have to work with copywriters, graphic designers and storyboard artists to create organised, eye-catching material. Becoming an art director usually requires experience in advertising, designing or production.

Website developer

An industry that is constantly growing is web development. Creative individuals with extensive computer skills and good sense of design, becoming a website developer provides an excellent career opportunity. A background in graphic design is beneficial. With time management and communication skills, a website developer could have a very successful freelance career.

These are just a few of the possible creative career options for every personality type. Whether you are a giver or an executive, there is a creative career choice for you.

Do you know of any more creative career choices? Let us know in the comments below.

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Karleia SteinerSix creative career choices for every personality type

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