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How to “tech” your business aspirations down the right path

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You can have all the business acumen in the world. You can be an expert in your field. But if you aren’t well versed in the world of modern day technology, you’ll find it hard to succeed in business. To fulfil your aspirations of one day running a business you should have knowledge of today’s tech; if you lack in knowledge when it comes to certain pieces of hardware or software then you should change this. In regards to hardware, for starters, it is pivotal that you are able to know what technology to use, and when to use it. First and foremost you should become well versed with the staples, like computers and laptops, before you take to pinpointing what it is that your business needs exactly.

But it’s not all about what hardware you do the work on, it’s about what software you use to do it too. Like with hardware there are also standards in the world of software, such as all the software made on offer by Microsoft —  if you have dreams of running a business then you must be comfortable in using them. With training for Microsoft software you will be able to build and hone your skills in some of the most vital technological tools used in the business world today, so it’s important that you are competent. For instance, when it comes to holding a business meeting would you, at the moment, be able to provide those in attendance with a Powerpoint presentation that is befitting of a ‘bona-fide’ business owner? Would you be able to properly use Excel in order to calculate time sheets and other important everyday aspects of business? Would you be able to optimise Word to its full potential and write the best possible letter for a customer? If the answer is no to these questions and you cannot, at the moment, use these pieces of software in a way where you are optimising them to their full potential, then you should take the time to learn about them. In becoming comfortable with Microsoft software you are opening up a whole world of online opportunities for yourself; none more so than the fact that you will also be able to use more cutting-edge pieces of software that are heavily based on them. For instance, the Google Tools on offer such as Docs and Spreadsheets are very similar to Word and Excel respectively, except they are far better tools to use for modern businesses as they allow for active and real-time collaboration to take place between co-workers.


And this sort of online connectivity between two or more people is very much at the heartbeat of the modern day business world; this is why social media platforms and services have taken such precedence in it over the last few years. Now, using social media in order to advertise and market your business online takes more than just producing a few Tweets and liking a few pictures throughout the day; businesses use social media in a number of ways: they use it to connect with their customers, enter into online seminars, run competitions and, most importantly, improve their SEO and drive traffic to their website. Because of this it is vital that you spend time, if you haven’t done so already, getting to grips with everything that a social media platform can offer your business. You must take the time to understand the best codes and practices in using social media effectively as a marketing tool such as how best to plan, link, blog, track competitors and measure one’s own success through analytics. Using social media in order to build your business’s brand relies heavily on you being about to yield a string of consistent and active social media updates throughout the whole of the working day and then beyond it; social media never shuts down, and if you don’t want your business’s brand to, then you need to make sure it remains active at all times. There are a whole host of businesses and brands doing amazing things with social media, and you should most definitely seek to replicate this.

You don’t have to have a technology degree to work with and understand technology, but you do need to know a little about it. Maximising the potential of the technology that your business, or your future business, uses is a surefire way to maximise your potential for profit. 

Are you lacking in basic computer skills? Perhaps you’ve never taken to spreadsheets? Let us know your experience below.

Career CamelHow to “tech” your business aspirations down the right path

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