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Three industrial trades with diverse career options

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Choosing a lucrative and exciting career path is difficult for anyone, and it can be even more difficult if you don’t have a┬ádegree under your belt. However, there are some exceptional jobs in industrial trades that you can pursue without a degree which have great income potential as well as the ability to work in a wide range of environments. By learning more about some of the top positions available, you may decide to seek the specialised training these positions demand.


Welding is most commonly associated with machine shops and automotive facilities. While you can definitely find welding positions in these work environments, you can also be a welder in an oil and gas position, in an underwater environment, in the military and in many other fields. Many of these fields use the same equipment and supplies, so you can easily find out more by looking at the inventory of companies like Northland Fastening Systems to see what you might be working with. You can even be an artist that creates metallic works of art.


Another career option to consider is carpentry. Carpentry is commonly required with home building or furniture building, and you may be able to be an independent consultant or contractor or a salaried employee in a mill or factory. Carpenters can also make home repairs, nick knacks, artwork and more. Woodworking skills are in high demand, but this is becoming a lost art with the younger generation. With this in mind, you may find that your income potential as well as job opportunities increase over the years.


Electricity is a veritable necessity in many aspects of home and work life, and this means that electrician services are in high demands. An electrician may be an independent contractor or an employee for a company. There are corporate positions as well as positions with the government, utilities companies and more. You can even work at an amusement park or entertainment venue with this skill set and training.

These are some of the more common jobs that individuals can choose to work in without a degree, and the good news is that both income and job opportunities are plentiful in these fields. You may need to obtain special training and certifications to work in these positions, but you will find that your effort to develop a valuable skill in a trade industry can provide you with decades of financial security.

What industrial trades do you think are suitable for people without a degree? Let us know in the comments below.

Brooke ChaplanThree industrial trades with diverse career options

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