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Three occupations with great pay and high demand

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When looking for a career, two of the most important factors in choosing are how well the pay is, and how in demand the job is. High pay will give you the comfort and peace of mind to live your life and provide for yourself and your family. Choosing a high demand job not only means that you shouldn’t have a problem finding a job, but it also means that you are likely to get paid more for the work you are doing. Here are three jobs with great pay and high demand.


Actuary is a career that many will have heard of, but not so many will know what it actually is. A career in the world of finance, the intricate work and difficulty in passing the necessary qualifications makes actuaries always in very high demand. Generally involved in understanding and predicting risk, as well as handling and advising on financial security most any company will need the work of an actuary. This necessity makes being an actuary very well paid, with starting salaries averaging at £72,149.

Nurse practitioner

In the world of healthcare, people will first consider the job of a doctor, which is historically considered a good career to be a part of. Now, however, the most in demand and coveted job in healthcare has to be nurse practitioner. The US News and World Report ranked nurse practitioner as the number two occupation on their list of 100 best jobs. A nurse practitioner’s role is similar to that of a traditional physician, as they are able to diagnose patients, give treatment, and prescribe medicine. Already in high demand, due to the current and growing nurse shortage, this is only increasing for nurse practitioners. The average nurse practitioner wage is over £76,290.

Software engineer

Careers in computing are on the rise and will remain so in the foreseeable future due to continued technological advancement. No occupation in computing is more desirable now than that of the software engineer. It is now a job any major company needs in this internet age, and as the need for technology increases, so does the already high demand. The average salary for a software engineer is £81,000.

Making yourself a valuable resource in the job market is important when thinking about future careers, as it increases your chances of getting a job and will give you the best salary. These three options are perfect for doing just that.

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Eileen O'ShanassyThree occupations with great pay and high demand

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