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Three ways you can change your outlook for the better

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As children, we grew up hearing our parents tell us that success is 10 percent circumstance and 90 percent attitude. This advice not only applies to one’s personal life, but also applies to their professional life. In business, success often hinges, not on talent or connections, but instead on attitude. A person’s attitude will dictate how well they perform. Their attitude will dictate how they interact with those around them and how others will react to them. How we interact with our mother, the Earth is something people don’t always think about. Every business owner has the option to determine if their impact will be a positive one, or one of defeat, self-pity, and laziness.

The importance of having a positive outlook

Business is like a roller coaster. There are times when everything is going great, and there are times when everything is falling apart. The key is realising that what happens matters, especially to the environment. Business is notorious for destroying the natural world and bringing pollution and disease to natural habitats. But instead, the opposite can be true. A positive attitude is infectious. It will rub off on customers, staff, investors, and suppliers. Influencing others and ourselves positively to take more control of our impact on the Earth is something that’s incredibly important. Your outlook makes you feel as if you are in control. This will give you the confidence to perform at your best.

Set goals to maintain a positive outlook

It is easier to maintain a positive outlook when you have set goals you are looking forward to. One goal to improve or advance the business world to acquire and create greener practices is by getting an education. By getting a masters in electrical engineering, you can learn how to make industrial processes and manufacturing more earth-friendly. Engineering is all about looking forward. Engineers want to create products that are better than the ones that currently exist. They challenge themselves and those around them to be better. Going to the university to study this field will have a deep positive effect on your future outlook.

Maintaining a positive outlook when things look bleak

In business, there will be days full of frustration, anger, and disappointment. The key is learning how to pick yourself back up after a difficult experience. One key to doing this is to make the world a better place while you’re in it. Reminding yourself why you and your business must succeed. Remember that by adopting green practices, you’re safeguarding the world for future generations of business owners. Remember the goals and desires that drove you to be an entrepreneur. Make a list of 50 reasons why you need your business to succeed. The reasons need to be more than just materialistic gain. Reflect on how your business is transforming your industry and leading the way for others to follow. The impact your business is having on your customers, and the entire world can either help, or hurt.
The difference between a successful business person and one who is just getting started is that the successful business person has failed and gotten back up more times than the novice has even tried. Being lazy and taking the quick, destructive route hurts everything around you. A positive outlook coupled with determination and drive will produce stellar business results.

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Rachelle WilberThree ways you can change your outlook for the better

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