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Top five careers for new graduates with no experience

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When you’re fresh out of university, it can feel like you’re holding your life at your fingertips. Deciding on what you should do next can be a decision that impacts the rest of your life. Here are five of the best careers to consider for new graduates with no experience.

Software engineer

The technology field is one that is ever-increasing and has so much diversity. You can enjoy translating code, testing new software programs, coordinating the development of software, or simply dive in to help a company better meet the needs of their end-users. This dynamic field is full of some of the biggest companies out there like Google and Microsoft.

Registered nurse

If your degree is in the medical field, then a registered nurse is a great position to consider. With the growing demand for knowledgeable healthcare nurses, now is the best time to jump into the game. You can opt for working in a hospital, medical office, or other medical facilities.

Project manager

If you like being in charge of turning the wheels and you don’t mind making a good bit of money, then a job as a project manager is one you may enjoy. These construction careers allow you to create a plan of attack, identify potential issues, remedy them, ensure proper communication flow with your teams, assess risk management, and many other things. You’ll have the flexibility of travelling or choosing to work with a locally stationed construction company.


If education is your speciality, it’s time to put that degree to work as a teacher. You can work at either a private or state school to develop our youth. Each day you’ll get to prepare students for the ever-changing world around us, which can be extremely rewarding. As a teacher in this technology age, you can implement new technologies to improve student performance and apprehension of the materials you present.


There’s always a need for accountants to handle affairs for both businesses and private individuals. You can opt for various industries to practice in that interest you. If you prefer to be on the auditing end, then you can apply at Deloitte or PWC, which are hiring tonnes of new graduates to fill positions. If you would rather work as a CPA at your own private practice, then you have that option too.

When you’re fresh out of university, it can be hard to decide what you want to do. The above are five of the most in-demand entry-level positions that you can apply for with your degree. Be sure to pick a field that you enjoy working in.

Do you have any more job ideas for new graduates with no experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Brooke ChaplanTop five careers for new graduates with no experience

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