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Unique careers that will offer more than just a good paycheck

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Although some choose a career simply for money, most people are looking for other types of rewards as well, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Some want careers that allow them to give back, while others look for a path to excitement and daily challenges. Below are six unique careers that offer more than just a good paycheck.

Flight attendant

This is no ordinary desk job. Being a flight attendant requires an extraordinary amount of people skills and adaptation, but it’s a great option for travel buffs. Not only do you get to visit new places, but you get a lot of travel perks such as free flights. If you get bored sitting at the computer everyday, consider this career for a refreshing change of pace.

Cruise director

This offers the ability to travel as well, but also comes with other neat responsibilities: planning musicals, booking comedians, leading shore excursions and more. Multitasking is a big component here, but it leads to great experiences.

Food critic

It’s true; you can get paid to eat. Critics are responsible for trying new restaurant foods and dishes and providing feedback. Often times, they post articles in food magazines or journals. It’s a great career choice for anyone studying the culinary arts.

Foreign minister

If you have interest in foreign countries, this is a great option. Foreign ministers help form the foreign policy of a country and work closely with local government. It takes awhile to move up the ladder here, but is very rewarding. An online Master’s degree in diplomacy will give you more options to get the exact job you want.

Greeting card artist

Do you ever find yourself immersed in the aisles of Hallmark? If so, consider becoming a contributor and find a job as a greeting card artist. It’s a great job for anyone who is artistic and often times comes with the benefit of being able to work from home.


While any career in the medical field will likely pay well, most dermatologists said they feel the work they do is rewarding. They have the opportunity to help people feel more confident about their looks and offer a healthy solutions to skin problems they may have.

If you’re feeling stuck at your current job, don’t worry, as this list shows, there are many different avenues you can choose from. Whether you are creative, a travel buff, or a homebody, you will be able to find a career that suits you. Use this list as a starting point and start doing research to find your true passion.

Do you know of any other unique careers that will offer more than just a good paycheck? Let us know in the comments below!

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Anita GinsburgUnique careers that will offer more than just a good paycheck

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